Energy is Life

Energy is the very pulse of life…power, creativity and opportunity. 

PanMed Energy aims to be a leader in the global energy revolution, harnessing renewable energy to benefit the people of Jordan and beyond.

Energy is Power

People with secure energy resources control their destiny.  We’re putting renewable energy on the grid in Jordan to empower a better future for our region - and our world.

Energy is Strength

As the new company develops strategic partnerships and innovative collaboration for sustainable renewable energy in specific areas, new divisions and subsidiary companies will be created under the PanMed Energy umbrella.

Energy is Opportunity

A number of pioneering wind and solar plant projects for Jordan will be announced soon. When Implemented, they will retrofit our energy sector. Some are pilot projects intended to support future PanMed Energy projects.

Energy is Dynamic

View PanMed Energy updates, press clippings and photos related to our contributions to the energy economy of the future.  Follow our milestones, such as new partnership and project announcements, and our leadership or participation in local, regional and international sustainable energy conferences and corporate events.


Energy Connects

Join hands with us to transcend boundaries, sectors and challenges to achieve sustainable renewable energy access for all.


PanMed Energy, LLC & PanMed Trading & Investment (PMTI), are Jordanian companies with roots stretching deep into some of the country’s earliest and most respected commercial, industrial and energy projects.

Registered in 2011, PanMed Energy, LLC applies its technical, financial, and managerial resources to address the challenges of developing renewable energy plants to help meet Jordan’s urgent domestic needs and eventually, export electricity to the greater Mediterranean grid.

PanMed Energy, LLC is  a founding shareholder in the French-based company, Medgrid, PanMed Energy is conducting a feasibility study for the east corridor of the Mediterranean grid for 2020, creating a more integrated electricity grid between Europe and the MENA region, leading to concrete investment projects.

In addition to our role as infrastructure developer, PanMed Energy, LLC serves as a project developer and adviser to international groups seeking to enter Jordan and the region on various projects in energy.  We also offer energy efficiency services to Jordanian clients to relieve the high costs and shortages that challenge their profitability.

Company Roots

PanMed Energy’s corporate family tree dates back to 1921 when Wafa Dajani & Company, one of the oldest companies in Jordan, was established.

Wafa Dajani & Company                                 

Wafa Dajani & Co. enjoys a rich history of industry “Firsts” and an entrepreneurial spirit that is second to none.  
Mr. Wafa Dajani, Founder of Wafa Dajani & Co. is the grandfather of Shermine Dajani, PanMed Energy's Founder & CEO.
Wafa Dajani & Co. co-founded many of Jordan’s earliest major companies, including the first national airline, the electricity company and the phosphate company. Fuerthermore, Wafa Dajani & Co. represented or partnered with such major multi-nationals as Dunlop, General Electric, Westinghouse, NCR and Johnson & Johnson. 

Group members also founded the Bank of Jordan, Jordan Duty Free Shops and aviation ventures, including Arab Airways (Air Jordan and Middle East Airlines). Wafa Dajani & Company remains the oldest agent of Mobil Oil in the world.

International Trading & Development Company (ITDC)

A later branch of the Wafa Dajani & Co. corporate family tree, International Trading & Development Company (ITDC) a Jordanian company established in 1969.

Mr. Subhi Dajani, founder of (ITDC), is the father of Shermine Dajani, PanMed Energy's Founder & CEO. (ITDC) represented or participated in joint ventures with other internationally renowned companies, including firms specializing in the energy sector, such as Alstom, Peat Marwick Mitchell, Kuljian, Schneider Electric, GTE and El Paso Energy.  Among its successful large projects were a broadcasting station in Ajloun, three power plants and a gas turbine station  in Zarka, a Hittieh-Aqaba railway track, a 132- km highway along the Dead Sea and an iron foundry in Irbid. 

PanMed Trading & Investment, Ltd. (PMTI)

A Jordanian company founded by Shermine Dajani in 2008, PanMed Trading & Investment (PMTI) is the holding company of PanMed Energy, LLC. Originally the company was established to offer consultancy services to blue chip European firms seeking to enter the Jordanian market.  As Jordan faced a deepening energy supply and cost crisis, PMTI adapted its activities to cover infrastructure development specialized in the renewable energy sector. 

PanMed Trading & Investment developed excellent working network in the energy sector through its subcontract with Belgian company Tractebel Engineering,Belgium (owned by GDF Suez/France) on the Arab Gas Pipeline project and while investigating feasible sites for a proposed nuclear energy plant in Jordan.  


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Our Vision

To be internationally recognized as the partner of  choice in renewable energy development and conservation. 


Our Mission

To help eliminate energy poverty through renewable energy.

To make renewable energy sources a viable component of the Jordanian and regional energy plans, within international best practices and standards of excellence.
To play a role in securing a base for socio-economic dev
elopment in Jordan and the region.


As the Founder & CEO of PanMed Energy, I am proud to introduce you to our vibrant new company. Energy is the sector of the future. We embark on this strategic venture as Jordan, the region and the world struggle with crippling energy costs and insecure energy supplies.   The United Nations projects that energy consumption will rise by 40% over the next two decades, mostly in developing countries, where 3 billion people still rely on traditional biomass fuels for basic household needs and new industries are hungry for more energy.

Energy problems transcend borders. Jordan imports 97% of its energy; dependency on external energy sources hampers planning and the economic growth Jordanians need to prosper. Harnessing our plentiful natural energy sources – sun and wind – can help ensure Jordan’s own energy security and power its future.  As we retrofit the energy sector at home, we can help ensure global sustainability by participating in innovative integrated power grids that will reduce energy poverty and improve energy access for all.

We launched this venture on the cusp of dramatic change, to support the socio-economic development of Jordan.  Taking the lead in renewable energy and caring about environmental protection have already engaged PanMed Energy in international projects that position Jordan to benefit from and contribute to the energy economy of the future.

Exploring new sources of energy is one part of the solution to Jordan’s energy deficit and environmental concerns.  Wasted energy is an ongoing problem that we cannot afford, and must not, ignore. PanMed Energy will contribute to promoting awareness and use of best international practices in energy conservation and energy efficiency among the public, industry and other institutions.

As part of our “green” corporate culture, we also support environmental initiatives, such as Al Shajara, The Society for the Protection of Trees, to conserve other precious natural resources.    

PanMed Energy seeks to play a leading role in Jordan, in our region and in the global clean energy revolution. We share only one world, one planet. Let’s join hands to transcend boundaries, sectors and problems.  We aspire to make affordable renewable energy available to all and to inspire a new generation of young researchers, technicians and entrepreneurs that will ensure a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for all of us.

Shermine Dajani, Founder and CEO


PanMed Energy offers a platform for the optimal leveraging of international, regional and local expertise in technology, financing and management to explore renewable energy potentials and promote energy efficiency and conservation.  Our headquarters in Amman, Jordan facilitates cooperation among our tight-knit team members, expert consultants, partners and counterparts in Jordan and the region.

As an infrastructure developer, PanMed Energy focuses on renewable energy plants to harness solar and wind power for Jordan and its neighbors. New projects in Jordan are under development, to be announced soon.

We also look for ways in which new or existing local industries could be involved in manufacturing parts of specialized components for solar and wind technologies.

As a project developer, PanMed Energy advises international consortia wishing to access Jordan and the region. We package projects and lead all the necessary work streams including legal, regulatory, financial and technical aspects, to assess each project’s feasibility and to ensure its successful execution.  Our deep knowledge of the Jordanian and regional markets and our strong connections with industrial, political and financial decision makers allow us to advance projects in the most timely and effective manner and to deliver reliable feasibility studies and risk assessments on their technical, legal, financial, economical, social and environmental aspects .

In selected cases, PanMed Energy may sometimes act as a project co-operator. As an energy services provider, PanMed Energy helps clients reduce energy waste in existing buildings/operations and can design new, more energy-efficient buildings.


Shermine Dajani, CEO/Founder

A multinational business executive with 25 years’ experience, Ms. Dajani brings a global market perspective to PanMed Energy. Her strategic planning and business development credentials are backed by extensive experience in Europe, America and the Middle East, where she has provided consultancy services to multinational companies seeking entry to the region for two decades. Among these successful collaborations is work with Tractebel Engineering Belgium on the Arab Gas Pipeline project which provides Egyptian gas to Jordan. In addition to her involvement in the energy sector, Ms. Dajani was a leader in the Jordanian IT and telecommunications sector. She is a founding partner in Medgrid, France and is director of the Jordan Regional IT & Software Engineering Center.  Co-founder of the Middle East Career Women’s Forum, Ms. Dajani has actively supported nonprofit organizations, including a number of women’s organizations in the USA. She has served for several years on the boards of the Seeds of Peace USA and the Jordan Duty Free Shops

Haitham Talli, Director 

Mr. Talli works closely with the CEO and Board of Advisors to establish systems and manage the overall operations of PanMed Energy, while cultivating opportunities for new partnerships and business development.

His background includes extensive experience in client relations and business development, human resources and development of professional corporate cultural environments in Jordan and the USA.  Before joining PanMed Trading & Investment and then, becoming PanMed Energy’s first director, Mr. Talli was a member of the management teams at several strategic Jordanian companies.  Previously, he interpreted and applied law and policy for the (US) State of California’s Employment Development Department for many years.  He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from California State University, Fullerton.

Riyad Kanaan, Senior Consultant

Ph. D. Engineer Mr. Riyad Kanaan recently joined PanMed Energy and is well acquainted with current topics of interest related to electricity utilities and government agencies responsible for energy supply and regulation.

His background includes experience in technical areas concerning electricity (both conventional & renewable) generation, transmission, distribution, grid access and increased interconnection. Dr. Kanaan has performed a number of studies and recommended innovative approaches to project execution, contracts formulation and capacity building,  ensuring timely and effective implementation of human resource, maintenance & operation services in the development market of Jordan, England, Yemen, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Palestine, Mozambique and Gambia. Dr. Kanaan has worked with country governments, regional and national partners, institutions, donor agencies such as UNDP, JICA, JBIC, ISD, BADEA, GTZ, SIDA and World Bank WB

Consultants and Advisors

PanMed Energy’s Board of Advisors includes Jordanian and international experts in power and transmission, renewable energy, law, and international finance.


Launched in July 2010, Medgrid is a French-based company with 20 founding shareholding partners, all industry leaders involved in production, transmission and distribution of electricity, infrastructure financing and climate change services.  Medgrid was formed to design the Mediterranean grid Master Plan for 2020, which will lead to concrete investment projects, and to contribute to the promotion of a regulatory and institutional framework to support exchanges of “green” electricity.

PanMed Energy is the only Jordanian company invited to participate as a founding partner and investor in Medgrid due to its rich experience in the sector.

Other Medgrid founding partners with PanMed are: Abengoa, AFD, Alstom Grid, Areva Renouvelables, Atos WorldGrid, CDC Infrastructure, EDF, Ineo, Nemo, Nexans, Nur Energie, ONE, Prysmian, Red Eléctrica, RTE, Siemens, Soitec, Taqa Arabia, Terna and Walid Elias Establishment.



Soitec is a  French company and a strong player in the solar energy revolution and PanMed Energy’s partner in Jordan and Palestine.  Soitec is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Concentrator Photovoltaic (CPV) systems.
The French company’s systems use its highly-efficient Concentrix™ technology, utilized at CPV power plants around the globe. Soitec’s CPV technology offers a number of advantages when used in hot, dry locations with high direct normal irradiance (DNI). 

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